Welcome to the Canadian Haflinger Association Web Site.

The Canadian Haflinger Association is a group of enthusiastic Haflinger owners dedicated to promoting our wonderful horses. Through this Website you can find out more about our association and our breed of choice; the Haflinger.

These calm, willing, and beautiful small horses excel at many and varied horse endeavours with style. Whether you are interested in pleasure driving, draft and farm work, jumping, dressage, trail riding, or simply enjoying your equine friend and partner, a Haflinger is sure to please.

February 27th,2018

Please take note:  We are in the process of changing to a new web site sometime in early March,2018. There may be a temporary disruption of service but we hope not.




January 22nd/2018

Facebook posting from  Jasmin Fisher.

The Canadian Haflinger Association is inviting all members and Haflinger enthusiast to join us at the Annual General meeting.

Saturday March 24th 2018 at 11am. lunch and guest speaker to follow meeting. Ancaster Fairgrounds 630 Trinity Rd south, Jerseyville, ON.

For those who cannot join us in person but would like to take part, we are working on opening Skype connection to the meeting.It would be nice to have a representative from all provinces/provincial clubs present in person or via Skype for any provincial updates.

Jasmin Fisher

Hi all. I am taking over The Chatter.
If anyone would like to advertise their farm please pm me for pricing. Sale ads are free for CHA members. Deadline is February 24th for the March/April issue.

Update! as of 2017

We have added the updated Stallion List to our website!

Looking for a Stallion?  Check out the updated list here HERE

2016 By-law Amendments have been Approved!

The by-law amendments that were proposed and passed during the recent AGM in March have been approved by the David Truss, Agriculture Canada.

If you have any questions about DNA testing or these by-law changes please contact us!

Call for Photos!

We want to give you more of what you want! Obviously, that includes more photos of your best friend, your Haflinger.

Please send your photos with a brief description of your history together to jordana-armstrong@hotmail.com

Each month we will feature a new Haflinger photo on our homepage.  (By sending us your photo you give permission for the use of your photo for web use by the association.)

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