The Things Promised, Searching For A Country

They look to the sun

looking for a country

a way from the haziness

endless guarantee, endless expectation

endless sight

For there is no motivation to lie,

or then again to turn into a captive to the expressions of others,

as there is duplicity in their eyes

However there is no misstep about it,

a facade that covers the shallowness,

the void, trifling, shallow airs

Look to the appropriate responses and they might be multifold

yet, it truly relies on their position and their place

Unquestionably the rich and ground-breaking have a personal stake

on the off chance that it serves them well and the others less blessed have just been educated

to project themselves away

In any case, culture is an interesting thing, there is fables and dream,

fantasies and tremendous whales

remarkable stories simply like Jonah,

They will gobble Stranger Things Cast you up and let you out, an enchanted second

a way to assuage the brain and gobble you up so profound

However, thank god there are endless stars above us out of the loop,

an occasion to carry some light into the night

So don’t permit them to make you extremely upset or tie your feet,

they love the cash tree and it is the ideal opportunity for you to get away

Let nobody break your singular sonnet for in their considerations

they begrudge you yet opportunity is something that they will never comprehend

For you have numerous fantasies, an elation past the channel,

a day to day existence past the palace, the drawbridge that they will never come to know

So let them have all that they broadcast, their knickknacks and their toys,

for you have the open street and an unending sky as you may look to the desert

before you look to the ocean

On the peak of a wave you will ride upon a winding turning forward, curving, turning past the external edge

Still there is no reassurance, to get some would require extraordinary occasions

as it must be depicted as a happening to the season, another freedom of activity

that is yet untold however there are still genuine opportunities for you,

for the individuals who may have slipped directly through, thought outside the box, lifted the lock

furthermore, unfastened the vaunted screw

So do what you will in time you may figure out how to strip the plant

discharge a touch of pressure think groundbreaking musings as you continue to hidden measurements

at the middle phase of a homegrown center

Abnormal things for the confounded confused not many,

with courageous endeavors to join the shaken desolate team at the highest point of a vinyl town,

an unmistakable mountain stream before a blue moon with furious contemplations

what’s more, impulse, disturbing revolutionary scenes

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